we do

We evaluate where you are and where you want (or need) to be – and help transform your engagement and communications to get there.


How we do it...


Integrated insight and communication

Companies use our expertise to help them integrate the insight gained from their customers and stakeholders into their over-arching engagement and communication strategies and programme of activities.

We often work with in-house teams to support delivery of these, working across corporate communications, policy and public affairs, stakeholder and reputation management, customer research and engagement, design, digital and social media disciplines.


Impactful stakeholder engagement

How your business looks and interacts engages with a wide range of stakeholders says a lot about how your business and its brand is perceived.

Our expertise includes stakeholder engagement that identifies and maps key stakeholders – and the interest and influence they will have on your business – to devise the most appropriate and effective methods of engagement.

Companies can then use this insight to inform strategic and tactical decisions that drive a change in how you do business or shape your future plans, as well as influencing changes to future policy and regulation.


Creative customer engagement

Insight-led communications and engagement with your customers needs to be based on regular, ongoing conversations. These can then be translated into future strategic and operational plans or programmes of work.

We regularly work with companies, and their insight and research teams, to not only help devise programmes of customer engagement to understand what is most important to them, but ensure there is a clear link thread between “you said, we did” for those scrutinising your work.


Compelling reports, plans and strategies

We can help your business develop a compelling story by translating highly technical and complex information into accessible and digestible formats – not least as we recognise that one size does not fit all. That is why we advocate the ‘taste, snack, feast’ approach so the information and the way it is presented can be tailored depending on who is being targeted and why.

We can also use content in more visually-engaging presentations and across digital channels – for example through well organised and professionally-hosted webinars.